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I Got Dumped

Yeppers, both the kids took off for the neighbors house before I had dinner finished and who knows when they’ll ever want to come back. So, I ate dinner alone and now I’m just waiting on their return. Then they’ll eat, take a bath and hit the hay. My guess is 15 minutes or less, so I’m going to sneak in one of those nauseating smoke breaks before time is up!

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Back to the Smoking Debate

If you read this post then you know all about the debate I’ve had with myself over quitting smoking. I’m pleased and disappointed to say, that I’m currently in the process of quitting.

That’s not to say I’m voluntarily quitting. I’ve been put on Wellbutrin and I didn’t realize it’s possible potential to make me find an entire cigarette rather nauseating. Lately, it’s quite rare that I smoke a whole cigarette or have one more than every couple of hours.

So, I guess you could say that if I stop having a few of my “triggers” then I’ll probably be a non-smoker by the end of the year.

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The Pile Grows

With less than a month until Christmas, and with not quite all the presents wrapped…it seems the stack in my closet continues to grow with each passing day. And, yes, these are JUST the presents for my two!

I’m think it’s quite possible that I’ve spent far too much time shopping in the last month. In fact, I just got the Webkinz I ordered delivered to my door! I’m excited to get them, glad I have this much wrapped and shocked I’ve still got more to go!

The two big matching boxes (1 in silver, 1 in gold) are new matching booster seats! Ours are a bit outdated and so with some Christmas money they received, new boosters seemed the most appropriate idea. It’s obvious they don’t need more toys!

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Birthday Roses

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On Turning 28…

Today I became 28…instead of 24 hours ago when I was just 27 and still technically 3 years away from 30 and not just 2. I’m not sure that I feel any older. But what really strikes me is that 18, 21 and 25 seem like only yesterday. 2008 will be TEN years since I graduated high school, my kids will turn 7 and 5 respectively, and I’ll have been married for a an entire year. Not to mention, the dreaded, 29th birthday. I have yet to decide how many 29th birthdays I’ll have before I finally start admitting my full age. I figure as long as I’m still getting carded sans children in tow, then I can lie about my age and still feel people might actually believe it.

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