Even My Mom Has One!

The one thing I really wanted to get this year for Christmas (for the family) was a Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii

I swear everybody and their brother (self and brother excluded) has one of the darn things. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the games, the interaction and the fun that everyone can have with this thing. So, I wanted to buy one. Strongly considered buying one. Realized it was the thing this year and didn’t waste my time trying to actually find one.

So, I’m visiting with my mom and there sits this Wii box for the sports game pack. I ask her nonchalantly who got a Wii, assuming it’s my younger brother (the one with every game system ever invented) or just an extra box she grabbed from work for something. Lo and behold…the box is hers. Two weeks ago my MOM bought a Wii! My MOM! Did you hear read that right? My MOM got a Wii. Not for the brother with every single game system every invented, but for herself. Seriously, I am now behind the times in ways not even imagined possible. She’s had it for two weeks and says it’s a lot of fun (after fighting my brother for time to use it) and that we can play sometime.

Play? Sometime? I almost raced downstairs to kick my brother off whatever game he was involved in to give it a try, but then realized I’d have to share with the kids…meaning I wouldn’t have gotten a turn anyway. Bummer. But, my mom has a Wii. Now on weekends when I have nothing to do I can go to her house, hang out in the basement and bowl my way into fame and glory…at least until I wear myself out.


  1. Jenny said

    I want a Wii too, they look like so much fun! Maybe this next Christmas!

  2. Leslie said

    You’ll definitely going to have a great time playing it…even if it is your moms. We LOVE ours.

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