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I Wish I Had A Ranch!

Not a horse ranch or a cattle ranch, but a ranch house. I’m beginning to hate whomever had the brilliant idea to create staircases, and thus second floors on houses. We moved rooms around again and my feet and ankles are killing me from going up and down the stairs with heavy pieces of furniture and load after load of toys and misc. items.

If we EVER move from this place, I will settle for nothing less than a nice single-story home!

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Cleaning House

Well, once again we switched rooms around. It’s crazy how often this has been happening lately. Tonight we moved the kids’ back into one bedroom and put the bunks back together. Then, we took all their toys and put those in our bedroom downstairs for a nice large playroom on the first floor. And finally, we moved all our furniture up to the master bedroom on the second floor. I love that the kids will be downstairs playing and I won’t have to make umpteen trips up the stairs over the course of the day/night. I think they’ll enjoy it too once I’ve got it all straightened out and the tv and movies in there for their enjoyment

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So Annoyingly Tired

This week I’m just draggin’ along. I am feeling so exhausted and it’s not helped by the fact that I’ve got a minor sinus infection hounding me. I feel like I can barely get out of bed in the morning and then have so much to do that it’s just as hard to get into bed at a decent hour.
Things are busy here and I know it’s just the beginning. I can already see my calendar filling at an alarming rate as I start to put in my volunteer time at one school, monthly PTA meetings for another, Tiger Scouts, homework and the holidays. I’m going to have to take lessons from a very determined little engine and keep repeating, “I think I can. I think I can.”, when it seems the pace won’t slow down for a breather.

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Insane, Crazy, Dim-Witted?

Call us insane, crazy, dim-witted…whatever you’d like, but we’ve gone and adopted another furry friend from the local animal shelter. 🙂

His name is Balto and he’s a 2 year old lab mix. We think the mix might potentially be husky, but we aren’t sure on that. He was a stray that was picked up in May. We’d seen his smiley picture in the paper a number of times, and even near the pet supplies at Walmart, and thought he looked like a really friendly dog. Then, I noticed that his adoption price had been discounted; meaning he was close to being put down. We called the humane society and asked them some questions and then took Spunky and 1 kid with us over to the shelter to see how Balto reacted. He was wonderful! We took both boys for a walk and then went home to discuss and decide if we could handle another large dog in the house. After really thinking about it for a few hours and knowing we might be his only chance at remaining alive, we went back and picked him up to bring him to his new home.

He is a very well-mannered and sweet tempered boy. I think he’s pretty much ignored the kids other than to sniff or lick them a few times. And he’s put up with any petting/hugging the kids have wanted to do to him too. He and Spunky have actually played suprisingly well, but they are fighting a bit to be “top” dog. He is completely potty trained, knows a few commands and is an excellent walker. Until he’s been here longer we won’t be able to let him go leash free at the dog park, but my husband thinks he may be a good duck/goose hunting dog next year! The one downside is that we think Balto may have been abused in his former home; perhaps the reason he showed up as a stray at the shelter? He seems to think we might hit him, so we are being sure to show him a lot of positive praise and attention. I think he’s figuring it out quickly that we want him here to love, not to hit!

For those who don’t know, we also adopted Spunky from the same shelter, but he was just a 13-14 week old puppy at the time.

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Getting Rid of Clutter

So, I’ve been working here and there to reduce the clutter. It’s not that easy because I’ll admit I’m a bit of a pack rat. I still have little dresses, tiny booties, teeny tiny socks, scribble drawings, and then there’s all my stuff. 😉 Yesterday, I decided it was time to get rid of some of the excess clothing my children have. Of course, little miss had her drawers stuffed to the brim with shirts, skirts, socks, dresses and assorted misc. items that have outgrown their usefulness. So, away they went. I got rid of two small bags of shoes and clothes. Then I worked in his room. I didn’t find as much in there, but I don’t have all of his clothes yet. I did get rid of pants that made him look like he might be waiting for a flood, and some smaller t-shirts; which were replaced by our spur of the moment school shopping spree. I’m thinking she and I need a little shopping spree today. We definitely need tights, socks and a pair of shoes that do not contain the color pink or she’ll clash a lot this winter!

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