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Wordless Wednesday


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Jenga Princess

We spent an afternoon playing games and having fun with P’s parents (my inlaws, C & L’s step grandparents) about two weeks ago. L and Grampy D played some Jenga together and I think she did exceedingly well for a 4 year old.
Jenga Princess

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A Couple Weekend Pictures

I took a ton of pictures this weekend while on my anniversary vacay, but here are just a few of the things that I captured.

Capitol Building

Memorial in the Capitol Building

WI Supreme Court with Badger overhead

Native American Treaty

Bottles in a dairy exhibit

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Not to be Played

Not in the playroom,
The dolls. The books. All the toys.
Are the kids to be.

I wrote this little tidbit because last night the kids could not understand the concept of actually spending time in the playroom; it’s been a common theme this week. Run from one end of first floor to the other, torture the dogs, hug mom a bazillion times when you get in trouble, ask for food one million times a minute…but not for one second play nice and quietly in the room filled with more toys than any child could possibly need or want. I still have some yet unopened from Christmas; that’s how good these kids have got it.

I find it irritating to see them completely ignore their toys. L does not play alone. All day long she tags after me or P while we do adult things (cleaning, cooking and the like). She begs to have someone sit and play with her; which I can only do for so long in a day. When C comes home you’d expect they’d want to play together; and they do, but only if it involves shouting, screaming and running. ARG! I don’t even know if a playroom is worth it quiet honestly. I’d be better off set up for a cage match or to have a roller derby in the basement.

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Sweet Innocence

They look so sweet and innocent in pictures. I wonder why when the camera gets turned off that their regular mischevious selves come flying back out to drive me crazy?

My children are not this relaxed and go with the flow, I just happened to snap a lucky shot.

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