The Pile Grows

With less than a month until Christmas, and with not quite all the presents wrapped…it seems the stack in my closet continues to grow with each passing day. And, yes, these are JUST the presents for my two!

I’m think it’s quite possible that I’ve spent far too much time shopping in the last month. In fact, I just got the Webkinz I ordered delivered to my door! I’m excited to get them, glad I have this much wrapped and shocked I’ve still got more to go!

The two big matching boxes (1 in silver, 1 in gold) are new matching booster seats! Ours are a bit outdated and so with some Christmas money they received, new boosters seemed the most appropriate idea. It’s obvious they don’t need more toys!


  1. Leslie said

    You are most definitely further along than I could possibly imagine being at this point. Kudos!

  2. Jessa said

    Why thank you! I can’t believe how much I’ve got done, but my energy levels are WAY higher than they’ve ever been. I was wrapping at 5AM yesterday morning.

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