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Well, hello!

Long time, no write.  First, my computer bit the dust..two weeks ago maybe?  It’s a loaner laptop so I couldn’t really complain, or get it fixed on my own.  Got it back this past weekend, but with Easter vacation and a crazy shortened school week, I haven’t been online much at all.

So much has happened since the last time I was “here”.  My cousin’s baby shower went really well and on March 21st she welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Kenzee.  I got to see her while she was in labor, the day after the birth and on Easter too.  She’s such a beautiful little girl and looks a lot like her daddy.  While all that was going on my cousin who is stationed in Iraq arrived in our neck of the woods with another cousin and his mother for an impromtu visit.  Talk about shock when they show up at your doorstep unannounced!  Visiting with them all was too wonderful and I can’t wait until we can do it all again.

Our Easter break passed quickly with everything happening at once.  C and L spent Easter with their dad so it was just little old me joining my family for Easter lunch.  I have to say…it was boring without the kids.  Holidays just aren’t the same without them getting excited about all the little things.   On the Monday after Easter we took a long trek to visit my very BFF and her two daughters.  We got to spend the night and the kids’ wore each other out even if they didn’t pass out at bedtime like we anticipated.

The school week has been crazy since it was just 2.5 days.  I kept C home yesterday because of a sore throat and some congestion he had in the morning.  Took him in to be checked (in case of strep), but the PA didn’t think he had anything catchy or serious so she didn’t even do a culture.  I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t make sure, but he has seemed fine since yesterday afternoon with not even a hint of complaint.  I guess maybe he was just faking to get another vacation day?

Since today was a half day of school we spent an hour or so outside in the chilly March air to blow bubbles, play on the scooter and try out the skateboard C got for Christmas.  It wasn’t a big hit, but I think once he gets used to how it all works he’ll really enjoy it.  Both of the kids were glad for the fresh air and even though this isn’t my kind of weather I was glad for it too.  I probably need it more than they do considering how little I allow myself to be outside in the winter.

I’ve gotten into a spring cleaning kick the last two or three days.  I’ve been going through all sorts of things and disgarding what I consider to be garbage or unused.  I’m hoping to get into our basement and get some things out the door because it’s been piling up and it’s starting to drive me crazy.  Wish me luck!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alas, we won’t be celebrating in my house, but I wish a happy day to all anyway.  Yes, my husband says Valentine’s is a mere Hallmark holiday and he can’t be convinced to do something loverly just because jewelry stores say he should.  And who said I’m looking for jewelry???

Regardless, I really like Valentine’s Day and I wish we did celebrate.  I think it’s nice to have a day each year set aside for lover’s.  In fact, I wish they’d do away with Sweetest Day because it really make Valentine’s Day seem more like a Hallmark holiday then I think is really intended.  (those bazillions of stuffed animals, candy heart boxes and flowers wouldn’t have anything to do with that image)   A handmade card, breakfast in bed or even just a nice back/shoulder massage would do me well…  Instead, I have a sick husband who plans to sleep as much of the day away before having to head back into work.  Romantic huh?

I did get a little Valentine’s action this week helping the kids get ready for their little school parties.  Neither wanted to write out their little Valentine’s…so mom got to do it.  I also had to help L pass them out to the right persons treat bag.  C passed out his own.  He did make one Valentine for his little friend G (a girl) and it said, “I love you G.”  I hope her parents don’t have a fit…that was all him!  I couldn’t convince him that I’d lost it either.  I don’t know if she was embarrassed or not, but she did give him a great big hug, so perhaps all is well?  I wonder what the boys in his class will say?

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A New Year

For the first time that I can honestly remember, I’m looking forward to the new year. I’m hoping that 2008 is much kinder than 2007 has turned out to be. I’m not going to set any resolutions, or even say what I’d like to happen, but something definitely has to start going to right way. If not, I’d say 2008 could definitely be a bad repeat.

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Santa was Good to Us

By, “us”, I mean the kids of course! I think they got just about anything they could want, plus a little extra to tide them over. I’m still opening boxes with toys jammed and stuffed inside…it will never end. Because of the influx of toys I not only had to buy new “toy boxes”, I’ve also decided that this year it’s ONE gift for birthdays. We don’t need another darn thing.

Topping the list of cool gifts:

Digital Camera (son)
iDog (daughter)

Other cool stuff:

Princess Pony
Princess and Castle Playset
Power Rangers
Board Games (galore!)
…and plenty more!

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Ta Da!

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