Oh the joys!

Today is just another Tuesday here.  We don’t really have anything going on and I’m glad for it.  I don’t know that I have the energy to be a go-getter today.  After P wakes up we do have to run to Walmart for a prescription and I definitely need to make a deposit at the bank and we probably should pay the mortgage while we’re at it.  Of course, I’m not even dressed yet.  I took C to school in my pajamas and L is still in hers as well.  Since he walks himself in I didn’t think I really needed to be dressed to impress.

On another note, I have my husband’s sinus infection.  I’ve managed to keep it at bay for almost two weeks and now finally it’s gotten me.  I feel like my head may very well explode and snot may spew for miles when it does.  I can’t believe that after two weeks I’m just now coming down with this.  I really, really do not need to be sick.  It’s hard enough some mornings to find the motivation to get them up and moving without having a sinus infection on top of it.

I’m still having it rough from not taking my meds over the weekend too.  I woke up with my “cranky pants” on as my husband would so endearingly put it.  I feel like just crawling back into bed and instead I’m dealing with L and her crabbiness over her new princess game.  I’m already sick of the princess game and really wish her aunt hadn’t decided to give her a late Christmas present; it really could have been saved for her birthday.  The kids already have things that are still in packages from Christmas because there was just too much and now we get yet another toy.  Well, not really a toy, one of those plug-n-play game console things.  It does provide some entertain value, but of course it also makes L a bit edgy since she can’t quite figure out how all the buttons work to switch games…leaving me to do it.  Oh well.


  1. Jess said

    I felt horrible yesterday and it was a total cranky pants day for me. Today I’m feeling better–honestly, even though it’s only February, I think my problem is allergies, because Claritin D seems to be helping.

    Anyway, feel better!

  2. Rachel said

    Hey I am sorry you were feeling cranky. I get that way too! I hate getting any type of infection. I am glad you are feeling better. HUGS!

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