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I Was Going to Blog

Yes, I really was. Then I realized I really have nothing to say tonight. So, now I’m blogging about not having anything to say. Not quite the interesting tidbit is it?

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Snowy Branches

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New Cellular Plan

I’m shopping for a new cellular company. I’ve been with Sprint for over three years now and I really, really dislike them. I’m paying over $60 a month for the same plan I’ve seen elsewhere for about $40. I checked out T-Mobile and I really like their 300 minute plan. You pick the five numbers you call the most and get unlimited minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, plus the 300 regular minutes and 400 domestic text messages for less than $45 a month. Activation is only $35 and I can get a $180 phone for FREE, plus free shipping. Now I’m just waiting to find out what it’s going to cost to lose Sprint. They are sooooo very expensive!

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Opening New Toys

I need a scissors, a knife, bandaids and probably a good paramedic to open the packaging that accompanies a child’s toy these days. And, it takes me about 20 minutes to then figure out how the toy actually comes out. My son, on the other hand, who has reached the ripe old age of six, requires merely his bare hands and about five minutes of ripping and tearing.

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$100 to Quit

Yesterday at Christmas my grandma (former smoker) pulled me aside in the kitchen and offered me $100 if I could quit for one year. She said all I needed to do was pick the date and keep her updated on my progress. When I’ve been “clean” the full year, she’ll hand me a crisp, new $100 bill. Am I up to the challenge? I think I counted a whole 7 or 8 cigarettes today…a large contrast to my former 20+ I was smoking just a few months ago. Perhaps I can do it?

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