Getting Rid of Clutter

So, I’ve been working here and there to reduce the clutter. It’s not that easy because I’ll admit I’m a bit of a pack rat. I still have little dresses, tiny booties, teeny tiny socks, scribble drawings, and then there’s all my stuff. 😉 Yesterday, I decided it was time to get rid of some of the excess clothing my children have. Of course, little miss had her drawers stuffed to the brim with shirts, skirts, socks, dresses and assorted misc. items that have outgrown their usefulness. So, away they went. I got rid of two small bags of shoes and clothes. Then I worked in his room. I didn’t find as much in there, but I don’t have all of his clothes yet. I did get rid of pants that made him look like he might be waiting for a flood, and some smaller t-shirts; which were replaced by our spur of the moment school shopping spree. I’m thinking she and I need a little shopping spree today. We definitely need tights, socks and a pair of shoes that do not contain the color pink or she’ll clash a lot this winter!

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