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Oh the joys!

Today is just another Tuesday here.  We don’t really have anything going on and I’m glad for it.  I don’t know that I have the energy to be a go-getter today.  After P wakes up we do have to run to Walmart for a prescription and I definitely need to make a deposit at the bank and we probably should pay the mortgage while we’re at it.  Of course, I’m not even dressed yet.  I took C to school in my pajamas and L is still in hers as well.  Since he walks himself in I didn’t think I really needed to be dressed to impress.

On another note, I have my husband’s sinus infection.  I’ve managed to keep it at bay for almost two weeks and now finally it’s gotten me.  I feel like my head may very well explode and snot may spew for miles when it does.  I can’t believe that after two weeks I’m just now coming down with this.  I really, really do not need to be sick.  It’s hard enough some mornings to find the motivation to get them up and moving without having a sinus infection on top of it.

I’m still having it rough from not taking my meds over the weekend too.  I woke up with my “cranky pants” on as my husband would so endearingly put it.  I feel like just crawling back into bed and instead I’m dealing with L and her crabbiness over her new princess game.  I’m already sick of the princess game and really wish her aunt hadn’t decided to give her a late Christmas present; it really could have been saved for her birthday.  The kids already have things that are still in packages from Christmas because there was just too much and now we get yet another toy.  Well, not really a toy, one of those plug-n-play game console things.  It does provide some entertain value, but of course it also makes L a bit edgy since she can’t quite figure out how all the buttons work to switch games…leaving me to do it.  Oh well.

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9 More Minutes Please!


I woke this morning to the alarm clock ringing annoyingly. I promptly turned it off and snuggled back down into my blankets for what I thought would be another 9 minutes of quiet rest. Wrong…

About three minutes later (I’m falling into a light sleep) I hear C crying out and the word blood. Okay, blood is not the first word you want to wake up to in the morning and I have a slight issue with blood in that it does have the ability to make me pass out or throw up. This is why I’m a mom and not a nurse; I don’t do blood!

I jump out of bed and rush out into the hallway. My daughter practically shouts out that, “C has blood in his nose!” and I see him climbing out of the bunk, his hand trying to cover his bloody nose, and crying. Shit. I usher him to the bathroom and try to find a washcloth I don’t mind ruining in the closet. In the meantime, he’s dripping blood everywhere, crying and freaked out. L is still giving me a play-by-play at the top of her lungs. (Should I mention now that husband is a second shifter, so he went to bed at 2AM and he does NOT sleep through kid stuff very well?) Washcloth in hand I finally get it wet and manage to swipe at the blood covering C’s lips and chin before thrusting a clean part under his nose to catch any further spillage. It’s a bad bloody nose and so I grab a second washcloth to get wet and switch. Wipe the floor in the bathroom with the first one and rinse it out. C is still crying, L is still talking as loudly as possible to attract some attention and I can just imagine the look on husband’s face as he lays in bed listening to the ruckus going on (completely annoyed, sleepy eyed with a little bit of eye roll thrown in for good measure–why did he marry someone with kids???). C’s bleeding tapers off within minutes and I start to usher the kids downstairs for final clean-up. C’s clothes, arms and face are covered in blood, L is still attempting to wake half a city block and as we get into the kitchen I hear husband slamming bathroom door.

Yeah, we’re having fun now.

The rest of the morning wasn’t much better. I was completely off and didn’t get a shower, almost forgot to make C’s lunch and C’s pajama shirt and pants are pretty much ruined. And then I had the pleasure of taking a hospital tour with 10 running screaming excitable four year olds. (The only good thing to come of that was the 2 day old infant we got to oogle while we were there…he was such a sweetie!)

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1st Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Draws Near

Thoughts And Well Wishes Sent Along

Wishing Us The Best Yet

Yes, my 1st wedding anniversary is this weekend. February 3rd, 2008. We’ve just barely made it through the first year; which in itself was not a good one if you must know. I’ve heard it said that if you can make it through the first year you can make it through anything and if that’s true we’d survive things like atom bombs and plane crashes. If you think I’m joking, I’m not. Of all the years in my life that I can remember with some clarity, this last year has been by far one of the worst I can recall and I’ve gone through a divorce. Yes, even worse than divorce!

We did make it though and perhaps that’s a true test of a little bit of strength that we have, or just shows how stubborn we are to prove we could actually get this far. I’d take the latter given how well I know the mule-headedness that goes on behind these walls. If walls could talk…

So, here’s a picture of just me (to preserve P’s anonymous-ness) in one of my favorite pictures of our wedding. It was taken by P’s aunt as we were standing under the arch. The arch was decorated with tulle and white lights and in this picture I look like I’m sort of praying underneath a beautiful shimmering veil. It was a favorite the moment I laid eyes on it.

Shimmery Veil

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Thoughts for Monday

1. I can’t stay mad at my husband as long as I’d like to sometimes. Which almost makes me as mad as what originally made me mad in the first place. It’s certainly not fair that he can be a jerk and I can give up on the silent treatment long before he could. UGH!

2. I’m actually looking forward to having a pop up camper this summer. Despite the fact that it’s terribly fugly on the interior. It’ll be fun to take the kids out and not have to worry about getting rain. Not to mention, the ability to wash dishes and just hang out inside. I’m not sure I’m keen about sleeping in those wings though….what if they fall? *shudder*

This isn’t our camper, but it’s one I found online that’s the same make/model/year.

3. I dislike being the disciplinarian. Really, really, really dislike it. It seems no matter how I handle it I always feel like I could have done something better. Which, maybe that’s the problem with discipline, there is always a better way. It could be too that my son had a “case of the Monday’s”.

4. Cramps should be outlawed! I see no reason why I should feel like curling up into the fetal position for 90% of the day; especially since it’s Monday. I had my own “case of the Monday’s” and don’t feel I should be tortured just because I happened to have been born a female. The fact that I just went through this 28 days ago should count for something, shouldn’t it?

5. While the laundromat is exceedingly quick for large sums of laundry (6 loads to be exact), I’d still rather have my own washer and dryer at home. It just feels so gross to wash my clothes where hundreds of others have. You do what you have to do, but I don’t know…it’s just not right.

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I Have to Thank My Husband Today

First, for getting up with the kids this morning and letting me sleep until 11AM! Even though I was quite a prickly bear when it was time to roll out of bed. For setting up the playstation so the kids could check out the games, and even hanging out in the living room with us despite the interest in the Nascar racing game. For playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O with Luli while I dealt with a tantrum last night. For trying to help sort out the tantrum from Monday. For trying this week to be a bit more involved.

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