Shoot Me Now!

I had no intention of double posting today, but you know, things happen.

I was served.  Again… By the same guy I think.

Now, why would little old me be served with court papers you might ask? The answer is surprisingly simple…my ex-husband is apparently one of the biggest, most incompetent people on the face of the planet without me to pay the bills. For the second time in ONE year he’s defaulted on the mortgage to the condo that we jointly own. Now, we wouldn’t still jointly own the darn thing, but he’s never gone and filed the paperwork necessary to remove my name from the mortgage and I no longer live in the state of Illinois where this whole process has to happen. This condo was supposed to be put on the market in 2005, another LONG story of incompetence if you want my opinion, but I digress…the mortgage is again in default.

So, the guy gives me my lovely stack of court documents and mortgage papers and asks for the ex’s address because even though it’s on the second page of this stack they for some reason like to serve him at my house. I suppose they figure they might find him here even though we’ve been divorced for almost 3 years. Anyway, I get my ex on the phone because I figure he should know immediately and share the joy with me; I also need his address so he himself can be served with these lovely documents.

He obliges with the address and wants to know what the documents say because according to him (which I tend to believe after the $10K he paid to get the mortgage out of default the first time) he’s paid the mortgage since the last incident. The last time the mortgage had been switched to a new bank and apparently the payments went somewhere and were applied to something, but never made it to the proper mortgage company. This time, the payments were made and to the right mortgage lender and they still haven’t gotten them.

To say that I’m pissed off livid ready to kill someone would be an understatement. I’m not on the actual mortgage note, but this still affects me and my credit. Since P and I would like to refinance the mortgage on this house (I’m not on the mortgage) it would be nice if I didn’t have a condo sitting in foreclosure…AGAIN!


  1. Leslie said

    I’d be absolutely LIVID babe!

  2. Jess said

    Wow, what a mess! I’m sorry you have to deal with this. It seems so unfair that there isn’t really anything you can do.

  3. Kathryn said

    Oh boy. Why are you still on the mortgage with the ex? Your lawyer should enforce a stipulation to MAKE him remove your name from the doc with a refi.
    Sorry for all your stress. Hang in there!
    I wish I had a lawyer to go to. Heck, I wish I could afford to get an attorney right now! We filed our divorce and did all the paperwork ourselves because it was amicable. HE was supposed to put the house on the market the month after the divorce was filed; which he did…for awhile. He was paying the mortgage and everything was fine until the mortgage was sold to a new bank. Somehow he “missed” the notices and the payments never made it to the correct company. So, it got all figured out, he paid a huge amount of money and then the payments were being made again. Now I get another notice that 6 months have gone by without payment and he says he’s made them. He doesn’t have to refi to remove my name, just file a deed change, but he is always “too busy” to get it done. He’s not even living in the house; it’s been vacant for almost 3 years. So, he’s wasting a ton of money paying for a vacant house AND rent on his apartment. It’s such a screwed up situation.

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