Pregnancy: How I Found Out

November 2000: I had miscarried in April 2000 at about 7 weeks along and finally in October my ex-husband and I had decided to start trying again. I did some very basic charting based on my usual cycle length and average ovulation and we went to work. The day of my 21st birthday we were at my mom’s waiting for a few of my friends to come over and I admitted to my husband that I was a day late. He ran out to the local Walgreens type store and picked up a pregnancy test. We snuck it in and I took a long trip to the bathroom. For the next few minutes I stared very hard at that test, hoping no one would knock on the door, or need to use the bathroom because I had no excuse for my long foray. Suddenly, two pink lines. I almost screamed outloud, but remembered my location in time to stop myself. At the time I was still smoking (roughly 5/day) and I grabbed my husband to head outside to smoke with me. Yes, I smoked right after I found out, and promptly quit the next day. I just smiled and nodded at him and he knew exactly what I was talking about. Of course, being it was my 21st and we weren’t going to tell anyone until Christmas, I still had to “drink”. So I sipped some fruity drink for about 4 hours and tried not to call attention to myself while I did it.

October 2002: My ex-husband and I had been trying for a number of months, but breastfeeding and odd cycles had slowed our abilities to reproduce. I finally decided that the quickest route to what I wanted was a fertility monitor. I purchased one on e-Bay and waited anxiously for my cycle to start mid-September. I showed an O right around the time of his sister’s wedding so we did our thing and hoped for the best. At least I knew I was O’ing. About two weeks later, 4-5 days before my period was due, I got nauseous. I get horrible morning sickness when I’m pregnant until about week 14 and I just KNEW it had to be pregnancy related. I told my husband I was going to take the test and scurried into the bathroom hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed so early. A faint pink line showed as I heard my husband walk of the apartment and head to work. HELLO! I’m taking a pregnancy test here! So, I quickly ran out of the apartment and called him back so I could tell him I was pregnant. We called our families when he got home from work.

And now I have two beautiful kids. A boy who is 6 years old and in first grade and a spitfire of a daughter who is 4 and in preschool. I’m hoping that maybe someday my new husband and I will get to add to that with just one more addition, but don’t count on it.


  1. Swistle said

    Great story! I hope you’ll be telling a third finding-out story one day soon!

  2. Jessa said


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