An ODD Day

Oh the joys of raising a child with ADHD and ODD. I’m sure you’ve heard of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder before; ODD is Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Basically, it means he throws really bad tantrums; clinically speaking, it’s a bit more than that and he meets all five of the criteria for a diagnosis when unmedicated.

Anyway, tonight was an ODD night. It started out perfectly fine. After school both kids were invited to play at the neighbors (2 gloriously peaceful hours!). They showed up at home in good spirits, though he was a bit hyped up. And then, I got out the stamps for them to make pictures. All hell broke loose from that point onward. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, was good enough, right or okay.

It finally ended around dinner when I gave him his second pill of the day. I’ve been holding off on it, in the hopes that for the most part we can control these kind of episodes without resorting to the medication. Unfortunately, tonight he needed it. After taking it, he ate dinner nicely, finished watching a short movie with his sister and took a nice calming bath before we read our bedtime stories.

Although I have no idea what started his downward spiral this evening, I was glad that at least with the medication I could get it under control. I don’t think he likes feeling, or acting, in the manner that comes on when his ODD is really affecting him. As much as I tried to calm him down, I was only making it worse by trying to use reasoning with him. He just wasn’t able to be reasonable.

It’s hard to deal with it. It’s hard to see him that way because he’s such a sweet, kind and tender hearted little guy most of the time. The hyperactivity isn’t even so bad when he’s in a good mood. Though, I do have to say, his medication also really helps in school; which is why his father and I have continued this course of treatment for him.

I sure hope that as he gets older he’ll learn to manage and control the issues of his ADHD. I’m hoping that in the next year or so we’ll see even more lessening of the issues with the ODD. At this point his behaviour is almost completely changed from how it was at the age of 4.

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