Hello World!

Well, I’m sure I haven’t been sorely missed, but I’m here at least for this blog. I’m completely without a computer of my own, so while I’m at my mom’s doing laundry (yes, sadly I still have to do laundry at my mom’s) I’m getting some use of her ‘puter.

There have been so many things going on in my life that I honestly don’t feel the ambition to put it all out there yet. I can say that things are about 85% better than they were just two weeks ago. I’ll also say that I’m now under the care of a very wonderful doctor and on medication due to a diagnosis that completely has me staggered. After all this time, I think I finally got the r-i-g-h-t diagnosis and that’s both a relief, and a disappointment.

I hope I’ll shall be able to blog my heart out more soon, but with computer/laptop prices, I’m not too hopeful. It looks like I really messed out computer up big time by downloading a couple of trojans and just about any spyware you can imagine. Feel like a big idiot; trust me!

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