I Need Sleep

Seriously, I just feel so much lack of ambition, motivation…anything that I feel I should have just stayed in bed. My husband let me sleep in yet again this morning since I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in an entire week. As much as I honestly appreciate the gesture, it didn’t help.

I have always been the ‘sleeper’ in our relationship. If I’m tired, I’m generally out like the proverbial light. And, I’m usually able to sleep through just about anything to include fire alarms, tornado sirens and screaming children. Admittedly, this week hasn’t been prime for sleep. With Miss L waking up due to sickness, I was bound to miss some winks. But now, it’s almost as if my body has decided that not sleeping is some fantastic new idea.

I do eventually fall asleep each night…roughly two hours after I initially go to bed and after much tossing and turning. Then I sleep lightly and wake a few times, for up to an hour each, leaving me feeling completely unrested, crabby and unmotivated.

Despite all that I’m still keeping up on the house, playing with the kids, making meals and doing my mom/wife stuff, but I’ll tell you I’m not into it at all. The bare minimum is more than enough for me right now.

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