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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alas, we won’t be celebrating in my house, but I wish a happy day to all anyway.  Yes, my husband says Valentine’s is a mere Hallmark holiday and he can’t be convinced to do something loverly just because jewelry stores say he should.  And who said I’m looking for jewelry???

Regardless, I really like Valentine’s Day and I wish we did celebrate.  I think it’s nice to have a day each year set aside for lover’s.  In fact, I wish they’d do away with Sweetest Day because it really make Valentine’s Day seem more like a Hallmark holiday then I think is really intended.  (those bazillions of stuffed animals, candy heart boxes and flowers wouldn’t have anything to do with that image)   A handmade card, breakfast in bed or even just a nice back/shoulder massage would do me well…  Instead, I have a sick husband who plans to sleep as much of the day away before having to head back into work.  Romantic huh?

I did get a little Valentine’s action this week helping the kids get ready for their little school parties.  Neither wanted to write out their little Valentine’s…so mom got to do it.  I also had to help L pass them out to the right persons treat bag.  C passed out his own.  He did make one Valentine for his little friend G (a girl) and it said, “I love you G.”  I hope her parents don’t have a fit…that was all him!  I couldn’t convince him that I’d lost it either.  I don’t know if she was embarrassed or not, but she did give him a great big hug, so perhaps all is well?  I wonder what the boys in his class will say?

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