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Show Me the Flute


I know I’m mentioned it before, but I really, really want to start playing flute again. I last played as a 6th grader in band and while I enjoyed the instrument, I hated my band instructor.

See, I had been playing saxophone, which was okay, but I wanted to switch to the flute. My mom was okay with that because it was marginally cheaper to rent a flute. So, when I accidentally got the cleaning rag for my saxophone wedged so tight into the neck I couldn’t get it out, she went and returned it and brought home a nice shiny flute.

I was so pleased I think I jumped up and down and immediately started trying to fiddle with the notes. I wasn’t good, but who would be first try? On the next band day I proudly showed up with flute in hand. My band instructor was not impressed by my sudden change of instruments. He hastily handed me a beginners flute book, a stand and told me to hit the band closet to learn what I could. WHAT?

For the next 6 or 7 band lessons I was relagated to that closet (which was a mock practice room with lights and such) to learn the flute by myself. I wasn’t given any help or instruction. I lasted maybe a month or two and gave it up. I didn’t know what else to do. I was frustrated with flute at that point and was with the rest of class and completely unsure of the correct manner in which I should be playing.

Since I also played piano, my mom decided to return the flute and had me focus my attention back towards that. I played off and on in lessons for about 7 years.

Regardless of my musical discord with instruments I’m very much interested in re-learning the flute on my own and possibly taking lessons at some point as well. I enjoyed the instrument immensely and have a much better ability to teach myself something now than I did in 6th grade.

I also really want one of these:

Baby Grand

I think I’ll have to wait for a bigger check book, and a bigger house!

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