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I Have To!

I’m sorry, but a friend shared this with me and it just made me chuckle so I’m passing it on to all you out there. I wish I knew where it came from because where there is one, there must be more!

On an unrelated note, today’s points of interest were as follows:

1. Cleaning the playroom is not an activity for when you didn’t sleep well the night before. Save this for a day when you have much more energy and pep. Make sure daughter is in cooperative mood so you have some help.

2. Bread tastes different when you don’t smoke. For the longest time I’ve thought all wheat bread was just wheat bread; on this point I have been sorely mistaken.

3. And, this is my 16th non-smoking day. I’m 5 days away from that magic 21st day to break the habit completely. I guess we’ll see.

4. Chocolate, and anything with chocolate flavor, is now my new best friend. I shall accept no substitutes. If you’ve recently submitted an application I apologize, but for the time being I’ll stick to my chocolate. Thank you.

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