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1st Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Draws Near

Thoughts And Well Wishes Sent Along

Wishing Us The Best Yet

Yes, my 1st wedding anniversary is this weekend. February 3rd, 2008. We’ve just barely made it through the first year; which in itself was not a good one if you must know. I’ve heard it said that if you can make it through the first year you can make it through anything and if that’s true we’d survive things like atom bombs and plane crashes. If you think I’m joking, I’m not. Of all the years in my life that I can remember with some clarity, this last year has been by far one of the worst I can recall and I’ve gone through a divorce. Yes, even worse than divorce!

We did make it though and perhaps that’s a true test of a little bit of strength that we have, or just shows how stubborn we are to prove we could actually get this far. I’d take the latter given how well I know the mule-headedness that goes on behind these walls. If walls could talk…

So, here’s a picture of just me (to preserve P’s anonymous-ness) in one of my favorite pictures of our wedding. It was taken by P’s aunt as we were standing under the arch. The arch was decorated with tulle and white lights and in this picture I look like I’m sort of praying underneath a beautiful shimmering veil. It was a favorite the moment I laid eyes on it.

Shimmery Veil

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Bank account totals
Negative balance frightens
Better get fixed fast!

So, I went online to check out how my bank account was doing. I love online banking, but I usually dread seeing how little is actually available in my account. I knew I had two checks outstanding and figured I had about $15 to spare.

I get logged in and the first thought that entered my mind was, “What the fuck happened?”. (I know I’m usually more censored, I apologize) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saintly, I’ve certainly over drafted my account, and even by a couple hundred dollars in worse years, but when I saw -949.16 I almost peed in my pants. I quickly clicked for account information fearing I’d absentmindedly forgotten about some large check floating out there. We just paid property taxes so it would do us in to have a big boo-boo like that.

My child support check bounced.

This has never happened before. My ex-husband is actually very punctual and quite good-humored about the money he has to fork over for our two adorable little munchkins. I won’t say the exact amount he pays, but you can probably guess by the figure above that it’s a substantial sum every two weeks.

I immediately got on the phone to call him and shockingly enough got him right away. It’s the workday so sometimes I get left trying to leave a message when his voicemail is full…this would not be the time for that. I get right to the point and let him know he owes me $949.16. He’s puzzled (obviously) and asks me what the deal is and the following conversation ensues:

Me: It bounced!

Him: That’s not possible. (He starts pulling up his online banking.)

Me: Well, it says right here ‘Returned for NSF’. It was the 2nd try.

Him: There’s enough in my account to cover it.

Me: Regardless, you owe me $949.16.

So, you get the point, we kind of went back and forth on that dollar amount and the fact that his check had indeed bounced for a few minutes. He immediately offers to overnight me a check via FedEx (not cheap) to which I initially agree and we get off the phone.

Almost immediately I call my husband who asks me what fees the bank is going to charge me, and if the 25 or so transactions that went through on that bounced check are going to be…gasp…NSF’d now too. I freak again and recall the ex-husband about this. He’s not sure either, so he offers to Western Union the money before 4PM when my bank goes on next business day.

Okay, so I’m kinda cool now, but I call the bank. This is the bank I worked at earlier in 2007 and I ask for my old super cause she pretty much knows everything. She looks at the account and probably almost pees her pants at my negative balance and tells me she doesn’t see anything. Then she says she’ll have Barb take a look for me just in case something has tried to go through.

Alright, fine, feeling better. The ex-husband calls and needs address information; which for the record he should have because I swear I’ve given it to him 1000 times, but I think he’s too lazy to use his fancy phone/palm pilot/camera/MP3 player to look it up. Then he asks for my account number and I want to know what’s going on. Turns out it’s almost $93 to Western Union such a sum of money so he’s doing a wire transfer. To which I freak because I know this bank has a huge fee on transfers; alright not huge, but more than I can cover. So, he says he’ll add a bit more to the original amount just to cover any fees I might incur.

Transaction finished I keep tabs on my account and finally around 2PM I again had a positive checking balance. Phew. I could breathe again. The bank called back too and there weren’t any NSF’s going through on my account so I wouldn’t get any other huge fees tacked on.

I’m thankful for the end result and that my ex-husband is on top of his support of our children. If I’d been stuck with some dead beat I could have been in a real fight to get that money back or to ever get that sort of fee paid off in time for that last check or two to clear.

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Not to be Played

Not in the playroom,
The dolls. The books. All the toys.
Are the kids to be.

I wrote this little tidbit because last night the kids could not understand the concept of actually spending time in the playroom; it’s been a common theme this week. Run from one end of first floor to the other, torture the dogs, hug mom a bazillion times when you get in trouble, ask for food one million times a minute…but not for one second play nice and quietly in the room filled with more toys than any child could possibly need or want. I still have some yet unopened from Christmas; that’s how good these kids have got it.

I find it irritating to see them completely ignore their toys. L does not play alone. All day long she tags after me or P while we do adult things (cleaning, cooking and the like). She begs to have someone sit and play with her; which I can only do for so long in a day. When C comes home you’d expect they’d want to play together; and they do, but only if it involves shouting, screaming and running. ARG! I don’t even know if a playroom is worth it quiet honestly. I’d be better off set up for a cage match or to have a roller derby in the basement.

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Making the Bet

I am glad to say it
Nine days with no cigarettes
I can make the bet.

My grandma will be
So very, very proud see
That I quit, that’s it.

Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday Anyone?

Haiku Friday

I was out reading other blogs and came across this little challenge to write a Haiku (or two or three) each Friday as part of, or instead of, a regular blog posting. If anyone is up to the challenge click to find out more. I’m going to attempt it next week. I don’t think I’ve written Haiku since about 8th grade.

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