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I am so unbelievably glad it’s Friday.  This week has just been hard for me and I’m looking forward to two days without school schedules, homework, pick ups, drop offs and the humdrum of the daily grind.   I’m hoping that the nice weather we’ve been having this week (sunny and in the 40’s & 50’s) will hold and that the kids and I will be able to enjoy some time outside.  I have no idea what we’ll do considering the melting icy/snow mess outside, but I’ll think of something.

I’ll be attending a baby shower this weekend for my cousin who is due in about 3 weeks with her first.  I’ve mildly helped with planning, though I don’t really believe I’ve been much help at all.  Provided she isn’t in the hospital for something on Saturday it should be fun.  We’ll be staying at my mom’s; so we’ll be crowded at best.  It also means I’ll have a chance to do some laundry so it’s not all bad.

I’m also going to try and teach the kids how to use the Wii while we are there.  I’ve never had so much fun bowling in my entire life.  That little remote is not nearly as heavy as the 10lb ball I normally have to use.  I didn’t hurt my arm or have swollen fingers, even after three fast-paced games.  I just love those people at Nintendo.  I’m even more interested in buying one now that I’ve tried it out.  Here’s to figuring out how to put that in the budget.  (And did I mention…they have Sims?  I really have to have one!)
I’ve been  a total flake on C’s reading homework this week.  We’ve gone through his reading book just once.  It was challenging the first time, so I really needed to be on that this week and it just didn’t happen.  Thankfully, I can keep it until next week so we can work on it some more.  We also have sight words and sound words to work on.  I don’t know if it’s the change in their bedtime that did it, or just daylight savings, but I really just was not in my groove.  Thankfully they didn’t have any other homework this week so I’m only behind with his reading.  We also need to read the last few books we need for Book-It.  We are one of the few families who has actually done it every single month.  I think they get something if they participate the whole year, which will be exciting for C.  We haven’t used all the pizza coupons because Pizza Hut hasn’t been in the budget either, but at least we earned them by reading together.  I was trying to figure it out and I think we did 6 months with a minimum of at least 10 books to earn the free pizza.  We read more some months so I’m guessing we are in the 80 books read range for this school year.  I don’t think that’s too bad!

Anyway, TGIF!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I know I plan on it!

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School? What’s That?

I was looking at the school calendar today and I’m wondering if they shouldn’t have just given the kids’ the entire month of March off? Today is a 1/2 day for teacher inservice. Next week, shockingly enough, they don’t have any time off. The following week is a 1/2 day Thursday, no school Friday or the following Monday. Then another 1/2 day Friday. Seriously folks, they are supposed to be learning! I know we had vacation time when I was in school, and quite honestly November and December had far more days off, but it certainly seems like they spend an awful lot of time on vacation from school!

And I made a mommy boo-boo today. I completely blanked on the fact that they still have a brown bag lunch on half days (I blanked on the fact that it was a half day too!). So, I didn’t pack a lunch for C this morning. I mean, home at noon, he can eat at home, right? I get there to pick him up and every other kid in class has a brown bag lunch on their desk…EVERY kid! Ack! I apologized to him and he told me he wasn’t hungry when they served lunch. No biggie Mom! Yeah…right! I still feel like the worst mom ever anyway!

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Scrolling Saturday #1 Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder

Scrolling Saturdays

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder

A little background….

In November 2007, I was diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder and anxiety. Since then I’ve been on a daily medication regimen to help me regulate my mood and to deal with the anxiety issues. It’s been very difficult to get used to the idea of needing daily medication and even harder still to get used to the idea that I have a very severe and often misdiagnosed disorder like bipolar. For many, many years I’ve been told that I just had depression with a little anxiety or anxiety with a little depression. Until I really spiraled no doctor ever took the time to ask really detailed questions about my life history, my medical history and my mental history. It is a relief to finally not feel the way I used to, even if the cost of that is excruciatingly painful each month. I’ve chosen Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder as my first Scrolling Saturday because I want to get the word out about what Bipolar Disorder really means. It’s taken me at least 15 years to get a proper diagnosis. Perhaps I can help someone else get a diagnosis sooner.

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How Quickly A Year Flies!

It never even occurred to me until about 5 minutes ago, that exactly 1 year ago today, at approximately 1:30PM I graduated from cosmetology college. Okay, don’t laugh, I really did get a degree in cosmetology. If you want to know what I’m doing with it besides telling you that I graduated a year ago, the truth is not much. I cut my son, daughter, husband, brother and mother’s hair. I’ve cut P’s grandpa’s hair. I give my mom perms and colors. Other than that, I haven’t done a thing. But, anyway, so a year ago today I was blissfully happy to have graduated, and ready to go out there and get myself a job doing just about anything. Little did I know that I wouldn’t take my state boards, would decide to never use the degree I’d worked so hard for a year to earn and move on with life almost as if school had never happened. Strange how life moves you forward in a series of events that you only notice upon reflection. I am however a strong supporter of my school and I still go there for my own haircuts.

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Hitting the Books

After a conversation with my father-in-law last night I realized how strongly I’d like to go back to school. I graduated a year ago (on January 31st) from cosmetology school. I decided not to pursue the career field for many reasons. Now, a year later, I’ve discovered there are plenty of other things I’m much more interested in, but didn’t realize it because I just hadn’t gotten there yet. You know how some life experiences happen and then you realize you really would enjoy something you hadn’t thought of before.

Well, anyway, last night was one of those moments and now I’m wondering how to pull it off. I know I can get a deferrment on my loans; even though some interest will still accrue. I just don’t know if our family would qualify for financial aid like I did a year ago. The whole life situation has changed in such a short time…it’s a “maybe” sort of scenario. Then it’s the whole run of testing and getting into the program. This isn’t something I can decide I don’t want to do when I’m finished, this is something I must find field work in after I graduate to start earning money to pay back loans.

Now, my other option is to get a certification in something. It’s not as solid as a degree, but there are two options there, neither of which I’m absolutely certain is what I’d want a career in, but would potentially lead to at-home employment which is definitely a goal for me so that I can continue to cater to my children while they are at home and avoid some of the costs of working outside the home.

So, I’ve really got to sit down and weigh out the options of the different fields I’m considering, talk with my husband about how realistic it would be for me to pursue something and about how long we can afford to have me out there getting an education based on the cost of it and then go from there. I suppose I could maybe be back in school by fall of 2008 if things play out right! Wish me luck!

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