That’s Better!

Ah, I can read my blog again without squinting. Were you squinting? I thought perhaps it was just my computer, but I tried on P’s work laptop and it was still incredibly small print for my poor eyesight.

I have to admit that I’m a layout junkie. I could realistically change the look of my blog daily if I didn’t think people would find me a little quirky. My MySpace page changes almost constantly depending on my mood. I try something for a few days and then think, “Hmmmm, wonder if I could find something I like better?”, and usually I do find something I like a little more that day, so I switch. I would be a horrible candidate to have someone create a blog look for me because within a couple of weeks, I’d just need a new one anyway. Can you imagine how much money that would cost me every year? But today folks, it was merely my poor squinting eyes I had to accommodate, so a new layout it is.


So, it’s Thursday. We don’t really have anything going on. Once P gets up I’m planning on getting in a shower and then Miss L and I need to run to the library before picking C up from school. We have more reading homework to do tonight; and if last night is any indication of how easily we can get that done we should have no problems this evening. It literally took C only 10 minutes to crank out two math sheets, do two of his site word lists and read his entire reading book. Yeah, my kid is a brainiac! (Which, of course, is a completely biased opinion given I’m his mommy!) Some of the speed may have been due to the fact that I told him he’d be inside for recess completing math homework if it wasn’t done last night, but since they’ll have indoor recess again today, that probably wasn’t such a great threat to use as motivation.

Speaking of motivation, I have none today. The playroom is a disaster and I need to work on it. It’s beyond the kid’s threshold for getting it done without help. In fact, it’s so messy even I don’t have the energy to do it all in one sweep through. The legos are the worst. I don’t know why they insist on dumping every single teeny tiny lego on the floor to find one little blue piece, but they do. I also have to get the dishes done, sweep downstairs, vacuum the stairway and hall, put away laundry and dust. Really wishing it could all just wait a few days, but then I’ll really be bogged down, so today it is.



  1. Jess said

    I read one blog that changes its layout all the time, and I actually think it’s kind of cool. Though it does have the disadvantage that you don’t associate a certain look with it. Less of a signature, if you will. But more playful.

  2. Jenny said

    At least your kids play with the legos when they dump them out. Mine just dump the basket of blocks and move onto something else!

    I really like your new layout too. A very nice 3 column template…just one more reason to switch to wordpress!

  3. Kathryn said

    I almost didn’t know if this was your blog when I got here. I like the look!
    I have no motivation today either. Not sure why. I just want to lie down. Zzzz.

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