9 More Minutes Please!


I woke this morning to the alarm clock ringing annoyingly. I promptly turned it off and snuggled back down into my blankets for what I thought would be another 9 minutes of quiet rest. Wrong…

About three minutes later (I’m falling into a light sleep) I hear C crying out and the word blood. Okay, blood is not the first word you want to wake up to in the morning and I have a slight issue with blood in that it does have the ability to make me pass out or throw up. This is why I’m a mom and not a nurse; I don’t do blood!

I jump out of bed and rush out into the hallway. My daughter practically shouts out that, “C has blood in his nose!” and I see him climbing out of the bunk, his hand trying to cover his bloody nose, and crying. Shit. I usher him to the bathroom and try to find a washcloth I don’t mind ruining in the closet. In the meantime, he’s dripping blood everywhere, crying and freaked out. L is still giving me a play-by-play at the top of her lungs. (Should I mention now that husband is a second shifter, so he went to bed at 2AM and he does NOT sleep through kid stuff very well?) Washcloth in hand I finally get it wet and manage to swipe at the blood covering C’s lips and chin before thrusting a clean part under his nose to catch any further spillage. It’s a bad bloody nose and so I grab a second washcloth to get wet and switch. Wipe the floor in the bathroom with the first one and rinse it out. C is still crying, L is still talking as loudly as possible to attract some attention and I can just imagine the look on husband’s face as he lays in bed listening to the ruckus going on (completely annoyed, sleepy eyed with a little bit of eye roll thrown in for good measure–why did he marry someone with kids???). C’s bleeding tapers off within minutes and I start to usher the kids downstairs for final clean-up. C’s clothes, arms and face are covered in blood, L is still attempting to wake half a city block and as we get into the kitchen I hear husband slamming bathroom door.

Yeah, we’re having fun now.

The rest of the morning wasn’t much better. I was completely off and didn’t get a shower, almost forgot to make C’s lunch and C’s pajama shirt and pants are pretty much ruined. And then I had the pleasure of taking a hospital tour with 10 running screaming excitable four year olds. (The only good thing to come of that was the 2 day old infant we got to oogle while we were there…he was such a sweetie!)

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  1. Jess said

    Oh man, your poor kid! I used to get bloody noses all the time as a kid and they were always scary. Once I had one that lasted for nearly an hour and my mother was seriously about to call 911. But I was fine.

    I hope the day gets better!

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