Thirteen Things I Hate To Clean (2)


1. Toilets. Can I just say ewwwww and leave it at that?

2. Dishes. If it didn’t have to be done every single day by hand, I’d be okay with it.

3. My Car. Um, yeah…lost cause with two kids.

4. The Refrigerator. Scary…don’t go in there, you’ll never make it out alive.

5. Basements. You know that movie where the kids live under the stairs…yeah, that one. Enough said!

6. Laundry. It never ends. I swear I will never get to the bottom of the dirty pile.

7. The Oven. Nasty, nasty, nasty. And then those cleansers are enough to kill you!

8. Stinky Dogs. They don’t like it either, so why should I? I especially hate when they shake themselves off.

9. Recyclables. Seriously folks, does it have to be clean to recycle it?

10. Stairs. Dog fur, carpet and a heavy vacuum are not my idea of a good time…k?

11. Hardwood Floors. Dust, dog hair and stuff.

12. Glass. Someone always has to stick their fingers, or slobbery wet nose, all over it about 10 seconds after I’ve finished.

13. Children’s Hair. The screaming, the yelling…what must the neighbors think?


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  1. she said

    i’m LOVING the “cooking and cleaning” image. that’s so me! happy tt.

  2. ICK! All of them – the cutie definitely didn’t marry me for my cooking or cleaning skills πŸ™‚ I remember giving my long-haired Himalayian a bath. Oh the horror! I felt like such a wicked woman, out to do her harm instead of save her from horrible dreadknots.

  3. Sara said

    I would rather scrub other people’s toilets than do laundry. Oh hell yes. πŸ˜‰

  4. Jeanine said

    I so hear you there!

  5. Sarai said

    Lord help me I hate cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, up after cats (litter boxes) and bathing the dog. Yep that about covers it all.

  6. Lynne said

    Toilets is at the top of my hate to clean list also!

  7. melbs1969 said

    i love that badge…i’ve been posting that stuff on my blog a lot lately! i love…er…hate…your list, too!! toilets…so nasty! fridge, ew!
    have a happy valentines day

  8. Jientje said

    That is so funny!!
    Love the image that goes with it!

  9. Totally agree, especially with numero uno!

  10. I love that badge!!! πŸ™‚ Happy TT!!!!

  11. melanie said

    I hate cleaning things that I have to do repetitiously! YUCK!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  12. Nicholas said

    Bless the person who invented dishwashers!

  13. I am SO with you on #6. So with you, sister.

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