Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alas, we won’t be celebrating in my house, but I wish a happy day to all anyway.  Yes, my husband says Valentine’s is a mere Hallmark holiday and he can’t be convinced to do something loverly just because jewelry stores say he should.  And who said I’m looking for jewelry???

Regardless, I really like Valentine’s Day and I wish we did celebrate.  I think it’s nice to have a day each year set aside for lover’s.  In fact, I wish they’d do away with Sweetest Day because it really make Valentine’s Day seem more like a Hallmark holiday then I think is really intended.  (those bazillions of stuffed animals, candy heart boxes and flowers wouldn’t have anything to do with that image)   A handmade card, breakfast in bed or even just a nice back/shoulder massage would do me well…  Instead, I have a sick husband who plans to sleep as much of the day away before having to head back into work.  Romantic huh?

I did get a little Valentine’s action this week helping the kids get ready for their little school parties.  Neither wanted to write out their little Valentine’s…so mom got to do it.  I also had to help L pass them out to the right persons treat bag.  C passed out his own.  He did make one Valentine for his little friend G (a girl) and it said, “I love you G.”  I hope her parents don’t have a fit…that was all him!  I couldn’t convince him that I’d lost it either.  I don’t know if she was embarrassed or not, but she did give him a great big hug, so perhaps all is well?  I wonder what the boys in his class will say?


  1. Oh, I feel bad you don’t get to celebrate! My hubby feels the same way about the holiday, but he knows it makes me happy so he does it anyways-he just tries to do things differently then flowers and candies. Maybe your husband would be more open to celebrating if he know he could do it in anyway he wanted to. Like my hubby’s getting me some photography lighting I’ve been wanting, then he is making me do a shoot of him!

    Nope. He refuses to celebrate entirely. I don’t even know if he remembered today was Valentine’s Day…he didn’t say anything to me about it when he finally got up this afternoon. He knows I would celebrate it and that I like that little bit of attention, but unfortunately you can’t teach an old dog new tricks very easily.

  2. Kathryn said

    Fun new layout! Very funky for Valentine’s day.
    I hope you had a great day and treated yourself to something special!

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