Reading Failures

Reading Book
Lately, I’ve been doing really poorly at having C get his reading done. I don’t know why the last month or two has been such a struggle, but between his teacher and I he’s only averaging two books a month tops for his lessons. That’s just not enough! I’m worried he’s falling behind his other classmates so I’ve resolved that come hell or high water we will read EVERY single night together. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading or if he is, so long as we are reading. It seems the best time for it may be while I prepare dinner since he’s likely to want to spend time with me in the kitchen. We’ll see how that works. Tonight he read while I made dinner and then I read before they both went to bed.

Of course, we are also having trouble getting math homework done lately…he “doesn’t want to” and that’s making the work frustrating for us both. Tonight I again forgot about his worksheet we’ve had here for a few days (which really, no due dates in first grade, but still!) and I was about ready to kick myself because I had it right there while we worked on his 100 days project. Thankfully he found the 100 days project interesting because it involved glue…so that’s done!

Speaking of 100 days… When did it become hip to celebrate the 100th day of school? I don’t remember doing anything of the sort in all my years. Is this some new thing they’ve come up with? Apparently at C’s school they’ll be having a parade and everything. So somehow on February 11th, I have to deck him out as a 100 year old man. I don’t think P and I are so unhip that we actually have the right clothes for this, but I suppose we’ll try, right?


  1. Jenny said

    I don’t understand the 100 days hoopla either. We had to put together a parade, 100 signatures, a collection of 100 items…blah blah blah…for my stepdaughter as well. I thought it was just her school that was crazy. Have fun!

  2. I’m not looking forward to homework! I’m bad enough at remembering to get my own stuff done! And I honestly do think they give kids way too much homework, too young these days. Let them play, geez!

  3. Kathryn said

    I’m not looking forward to the day when all three of my boys will be bogged down with homework. Yuck.
    I have never heard of celebrating the 100th day of school, but I’m all for parties, so, woohoo!

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