An Afternoon Off

My mom came and picked up L for an afternoon of grammy & grandkid fun (she’s also taking my newphew for a few hours). With an entire afternoon kid-free I’m really not sure what to do with myself.

Hobby Lobby was the first thing that came to mind, am I totally bad for admitting it? Shopping for scrapbooking supplies seemed the most awesome and productive way to spend a kid-free afternoon!

Second thing was clean the house really well, but who really wants to do that? I wouldn’t finish it all anyway, so why start, right?

I could spend some time reading one of the two books I have started.

I might start working on that rummage sale I am DEFINITELY having this spring. (And don’t let me slack on that one!)

I could eat all the candy in the house, or at least the chocolate stuff.

I could take an nice hot relaxing uninterrupted bath or even a shower!

I could finally have time to practice the funky yoga moves on my new video I purchased, but have never started using…..

I could drive over and check out the new music store here in town and see how much it would cost to rent the flute I’m wanting. I really, really want to start playing again even if I haven’t played since the 6th grade. And, they are much smaller than the baby grand piano’s I like and probably a whole hell of a lot cheaper on the pocket book.

I could do just about anything, the possibilities seem almost endless, but I’m sitting here instead…blogging about what I could do with a full afternoon kid-free instead of doing something. Pathetic, yes…yes I am.

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