7 Weird Things About Myself

I was tagged randomly. I won’t keep it going (things like this do actually annoy me), but I’ll play along just this once…how’s that sound Rick?

1. While not technically weird, I am terrified of heights.
2. I don’t like to be in a room with a bunch of people all wearing sandals…their feet creep me out.
3. I like chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms on pizza.
4. I love to pop other people’s pimples. (Yes, it’s a disgusting sort of thing, isn’t it?)
5. I collect frog figurines.
6. I wanted to be an English Literature professor at Harvard when I grew up…then I realized how many years of college that would be and how much it would cost.
7. I will never fly in an airplane again unless I get the opportunity to visit Europe.


  1. Rick said

    Jessa, You’re really nice to play along – I would have either ignored a tag from a stranger or said something nasty if I’d had a bad day at work. Regardless, *I* would have been EXTREMELY annoyed, too.

    I promise NOTHING you posted is “too” weird except you left out that clowns are scary and eggs are gross.

    You were dead on about the sandals – ewww, check out Jessica Simpson’s freak-o monkey feet: http://aquietplaceinmymind.blogspot.com/2008/01/hangin-with-jessica.html

  2. Kathryn said

    I totally agree with you on the feet thing. Feet are gross. Except for baby feet. I am obsessed with cute, little, stinky, baby feet.

  3. Jessa said

    Baby feet are definitely still okay in my book! I’d even kiss my kids’ feet when they were babies. 😉

    The odd thing is that I myself wear sandals…I just can’t stand being surrounded by a whole bunch of people also wearing sandals.

  4. Melinda Zook said

    Although the pimple thing would gross me out, I am with you on the sandals thing.

  5. Saly said

    Ok, I was all set to take some sort of martial arts class, way back in the day, and copped out because the thought of all of those bare feet on the mat together at the same time, freaked me right out.

    Feet are gross, except for baby feet, I agree.

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