I was reading here and it got me wondering what habits I have. Serious habits. Smoking was my habit, now I don’t have it and I think internet time is replacing it (in a maybe overly addicted fashion…NAH!). Blogging every day is becoming a habit. I like being able to get my thoughts out on one subject or another every day. It’s a way to share and maybe grow a little. In the mornings I almost always try to wake up C before L. He takes a little longer to adjust to the world than she does. My car gets started at about the same time every morning to warm it up for taking the kids to school. I shop the same store (Walmart) almost constantly, but we really have nothing else here worthwhile so I guess that’s more of a forced habit than a willing one. When I scrapbook my layouts all tend to have similar features or looks to them. I like my bed to be made before I crawl into it…even if that’s five minutes later. I buy things because they are pink. This is true of both my camera and my cellphone; and probably many other useless items hanging in my closet. I even purchased my most recent winter jacket because it had a pink stripe in the design. I’m not even sure that’s a habit, but it’s something that pulls me. Pink pulls me to purchase something. No wonder I like to buy little girl toys better than little boys. I always put the water in before the instant coffee. I think it mixes better. I always wash my plates first and my silverware last. I always take Balto out before Spunky; unless one or the other shows he really needs to go first. Every morning I forget to put on my glasses; as if my eyes will magically start to work on their own after all these years. I visit the same websites over and over again. I’m hesitant lately to bother getting involved in any new sites…. I’ve got MySpace, Facebook, 2 boards and my blog(s). Why bother with anything else? That’s a ramble, not a habit; my apologies. Perhaps it’s a habit to ramble? A habit I’d like to break is talking to myself, though I don’t see it happening. I catch people staring; and no really folks, I’m not crazy. It’s hard to consider all the habits I probably have, but don’t notice. I suppose because they are such an ingrained part of my person and personality they seem natural and unhabitlike (is that a word?).

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