Voting 2008

I’m not all that political. In fact, until this year, I’d never even considered registering to vote; yes, still unregistered at 28 years old. Quite honestly, as long as the person in office had their head on straight and could speak English properly, I don’t know that I cared who ran the country. Then George W. was elected and I’ll tell you my outlook on politics took a swing. I was slightly more interested in what was going on in the world. When he was re-elected (how WAS that possible?) I got a little ticked. Here’s a guy who is partially illiterate (for lack of a better term) in office as president. His wife would be a better candidate. I couldn’t really complain, though I admit I have quite frequently, because I didn’t even exercise my right to choose a candidate in the first place.

Now that the 2008 elections are just a scant 11 months away; we all know it will go by fast, I’m strongly considering the candidate options and planning to place a vote for the first time. I don’t like Hillary Clinton. She rubs me the wrong way all over and I hate the idea of Bill living in the White House again. When I was a child I had a shirt that read, “Impeach Clinton, and her husband too.” It’s a long standing dislike. Mr. Obama strikes me as a man who would like to make a difference, but I’m not too aware of his political standings (enlighten if you’d like), so I can’t say. I have heard that he’s strong with the younger set. I had intended to back Rudy, but he hasn’t really done as well as I thought he might. So, instead of backing someone who doesn’t have a chance, I’ve decided to only consider candidates who do. Clinton and Obama, strike me as the Democratic candidates who will go somewhere. On the Republican side, I’m not even sure who is running. See how unprepared I am to vote?

If you’d like to swing my vote one way or the other, leave your comments. I’m strongly pro-life in almost every situation (please no debate on that, to each his own) and I think that instead of social security everyone should have individual retirement accounts. Our country needs health care for EVERYONE; so that’s a big ticket item for me as well. Economy is important, I live in a city that’s struggling for breath in the job sector.

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  1. Candace said

    how nice that we can still visit each other’s blogs even though we differ on political issues. I’ve got quite the liberal blog going on! And I’m totally pro-choice. I believe it’s actually the definition of “to each her own”. Good for you for educating yourself and posting about it. I’m trying to do the same.

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