Highlights From Today

1. I decided that I really dislike flickr, or maybe not so much flickr but the restrictions on free acounts. So, I’m not going to use them anymore. I want more than 3 sets and I want more than 200 pictures visible damn it!

2. I decided that my children are crazy and really do want to drive me batty before I turn 30 so that they can get their inheritance early. Jokes on them though because there isn’t one. Hehehehe…

3. I realized how much I like blogging so I set up a separate, much more private, one for family and close friends to read more about what goes on daily for the kids. A lot different from this blog since I write about anything I want here. I think that’ll be fun to keep up. I had a website for them, but that was too much work. Pictures to upload, journal to write, videos…ack. I just want something simple. Thank you Blogger!

4. I decided that before I have another computer crash and I lose all my pictures again, that I’m going to upload them all to Photobucket (see flickr above). It’s working quite well and I think I might actually get last years pictures uploaded sometime before the current year ends. Thank goodness I started this in January.

5. I’ve been smoke free for 14 days. I don’t feel any different and I’d still like a cigarette please. No, I do not have another patch and that’s NOT a cigarette.

6. Spunky is flipping out and freaking me out right now; which is not cool around 11:30 at night with two kids sleeping upstairs and the husband at work.

7. It’s snowing outside. Again. We’ll have 3-6 inches when all is said and done late tomorrow evening. I’m just crossing my fingers that school isn’t cancelled. I think I’ll go stir crazy if it is. Early release is fine…no school at all is not cool.

8. I remembered to be parent helper today. This was a good thing because one teacher had to leave to pick up her sick daughter. I don’t know what they would have done with only one teacher and 12 little monsters. Yes, they were monsters today. The ENTIRE class! All of their listening ears must have jumped off before school.

9. L is completely unable to entertain herself when we are home; enough said.

10. C is having a rough week, and today was no exception. I had to give a 6 minute time out. Ack…

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  1. Saly said

    Ha, my kids are crazy and want to drive me insane before I’me 30 too. 🙂

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