Not So Magic Dough

For Christmas I bought the kids Magic Dough from the Dollar Tree, the generic equivalent of Play-Doh, and figured it would suffice. They’ve played with it a few times and today when I took it out for L I was seriously disappointed. It was sticky and kind of gross. She played with it, but it made a huge mess all over the table, cookie cutters and various implements they use for their dough fun. In fact, her hands were almost completely covered in the gooey junk. I can’t even describe the consistency, but it certainly wasn’t all similar to the texture of regular Play-Doh. I guess I go back the more expensive name brand or start making my own at home. I certainly won’t buy un-Magic Dough again. It’s a shame!


  1. Candace said

    I made the mistake of buying that moon sand stuff and I will never get it off my rug!!
    Big mistake!

  2. Jessa said

    I considered the moon sand, thanks for the heads up. I saw some recipes for make-your-own play doh, so I might try that. Kids like to cook!

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