So, I’m Sitting Here

I’m sitting here thinking about what a day it has been. I’ve been up since before 7AM (partially because of my mother talking to herself while getting ready for work) and because the kids woke up shortly after she left. After dragging my own sorry butt out of bed, I realize it is still, or once again snowing. This spurs me to the action of actually drying the last load of laundry so that I can quickly load the laundry, kids and any misc. crap into the car before the weather, or roads, again turn ugly. By 9:30 I am once again home.

The kids let loose once we got here. As if the flood gates in the land of hooligans had suddenly burst open spilling my true children out before me. They ran, they jumped, they screamed, they cried, hit each other, taunted, teased and drove mommy a bit insane in a relatively short amount of time. It was only through the mercifulness of my husband that I managed 20 minutes out of the house to pick up dinner and a quick 15 minute shower before bedtime that has allowed me to keep the hair on my head and the kids completely intact.

So, yes, I’m sitting here. Feeling all the more calm because the hooligans are asleep and tomorrow is a blissful Monday which puts them back at school. Those poor, poor teachers. They really are not paid enough, are they?

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