A Nite Without Sleep

Glorious. I don’t have screaming babies that need to be fed, or a sick child, or anything wrong with myself personally other than that I can’t seem to fall asleep. I went to bed at 10:30PM, it’s 2:23AM now and I haven’t slept. Not a wink.

I’m frustrated by this lack of sleep because my alarm will go off in less than 5 hours. I’ll then perform the mothering stunt of getting two children quietly dressed, fed and out the door to school in an hours time while still letting my husband sleep. It’s not easy and grouchy won’t cut it in the morning. Calm, cool and collected is the way to go. After school drop offs, I must hit a store because it’s going to be super cold out next weekend and I might not be able to wear the dress I bought for dinner this weekend. Given the nearest parking could be four blocks from the restaurant and temps could be below zero, it’s best I consider a pants outfit for the night. Of course, this means another worthless shopping trip and probably a new pair of shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I wouldn’t really mind a new pair. My pair of red, shiny flats didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I didn’t realize just how little they would match anything other than the black in my closet, or how unrealistic they are for snowy weather. Um, duh! Earth to Jessa! Sometimes my mind is just shut off when I see something I think I really have to have. I need to fix that switch.

Of course going out of town also means packing, and I’ve already started. I pulled out the clothes I’m most likely to desire for a weekend away and put them in the suitcase. I don’t want to wear one of my favorites and then figure out on Friday night that it’s not available for Saturday or Sunday. I hope my plan works, but I’m sure I’ll be dying for a certain pair of pants or shirt by Wednesday. If I cave I’ll have to rework my entire wardrobe for the weekend.

And, finally, I have the issue of hair to discuss. Although I can cut and style someone else’s hair and probably even have them look half decent despite my rustiness, I have yet to discover the art of styling my own hair. So…what do I do with it? Since I’ve now cut it into a bob and one side is likely to flip up, the other down, I’m strongly considering my flat iron. But…I’m about as handy with a flat iron on my own head as I would be leading a horse to water. Crikey! It’s not like I’ll be making a hair appointment because it would just take up too much time in the early evening. Not to mention for an hour out to dinner it does not pay to spend the money on an hour in a stylists chair. Doesn’t that suck!?! I also need some pluckin’ or waxin’ done to the old eyebrows and lip…will it happen this week…I guess stay tuned to find out. After reading this, I’m not sure I’m all that interested in attempting to pluck out my own eyebrows.


  1. Candace said

    ha, ha! don’t risk it! stay furry!!!

  2. Jessa said

    That’s my thought. Though, I would love to get sugared…love, love, love to! It’s been months!

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