Post number 100 goes to forgetfulness.

I dropped both kids off at school this morning. The minivan mom who was annoyed that my car has child saftey locks far in the back of my mind, I headed off to run a quick errand at the library. Just as I pull into the parking lot my phone rings. I dig into my coat to retrieve it. I don’t recognize the number, but I answer anyway. It’s one of my daughter’s teachers and for just a 1/2 second my heart stops beating.

I’m sure her teacher realizes this by an intake of breath on my part. Fully expecting my little one has broken some bone in the 5 minutes since I dropped her off I steel myself. Realizing I’m starting to panic her teacher quickly gets to the point of her call which is that I am school helper this week…was I still going to be able to make it? Yes, folks, I am an idiot. I am school helper and snack bringer this week and I completely and utterly spaced out on all accounts.

I apologized profusely as I sat there in the library parking lot and felt about 2 inches tall as I hung up the phone. Wednesday, I’ll be there with bells on and popsicles too!


  1. Candace said

    ugh! sounds like my life! how are we supposed to remember every f-ing thing and take care of these kids????!!

  2. Jessa said

    EXACTLY! I had even looked at the little calendar for parent helpers this weekend and the little bell still didn’t go off. LMAO

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