The Strange Thing About Haircuts

So, I’ll admit it (proudly even) that I have a degree in cosmetology. It makes getting a haircut post-school a little awkward because I know what the stylist is supposed to do even if she doesn’t.

I always go to “my” school to get haircuts. I remember needing those points, those tips and just a friendly face who didn’t want a perm. Today I got Pam. She’s a nice enough girl, though she started just a week or two before my graduation so I don’t know her. In fact, now that I think of it, I really didn’t recognize anyone.

Anyway, haircuts are a strange thing. You go in and look at the books of different styles and try to imagine yourself with that particular style. Now, for me with my ultra fine and thin hair, I also try to imagine what it will take to make my hair actually look like the picture; which is often a lot of styling products, combs and brushes, blow dry and teasing. You sit down in the chair and show the girl (in my case a student close to graduation) what you are looking to try. She starts cutting. You go through the entire cut, hoping beyond hope that you’ve finally gotten the perfect cut. I talk shop generally, but I try not to make any corrections; just helpful hints. The cut ends and because I’m at a school my head is checked over by an instructor. Today, my fave teacher, Ms. Sandy. And then I’m done. While generally, the cut isn’t bad, I’ll say it’s still not perfect. My head feels a little lighter, my hair a little bouncier; but it’s still not “right”.

That, in my opinion, is the strange thing about haircuts. They change your entire appearance and yet in the end, they still might not be exactly what you were hoping for. It’s too bad you can’t try on the new cut before the scissors come in contact; like trying on a shirt you know?

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