The Art of Being Poor for Less

I love to shop. I will frankly admit that I’m also a bargain hunter. I love to get anything for less if it’s possible. Today, I introduced my brother, the poor college kid, to the joy of thrift shopping. He’s on such a tight budget and needed to experience the art of being poor for less. He also needed to get over his hang up about buying “other people’s” clothes.

First we went to St. Vincent de Paul. An excellent place in our area to get started since the selection is huge. We picked out five pairs of pants and about ten shirts for him to try on. He kept two pairs of pants and six shirts. Total expense = $15. Then we went to a more local chain called Fox Valley Thrift. There we found the type of jacket he’d been looking for. Normally, the jacket would probably be around $70. Total expense = $5. So, for $20 (he had a $40 budget for clothes) he got the clothes he needed, plus a dish drainer for his kitchen and he still had $20 to use for gas or anything else he wanted.

I also picked up a few things, since we were out shopping after all. Both kids got another pair of pants to add to their wardrobe. I got two nice pairs of jeans to replace three or four pairs that definitely need to go out the door, I got a new game for the kids (just $.99!) and a camera bag that fits camera, battery charger, USB cord and batteries (just $.90!).

All in all, today was a very successful round of thrift shopping.

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