At around 12PM today I had my “last” cigarette. I’ll say “last” because quitting isn’t fool proof and I have no idea how many setbacks I’ll have. The generic version of the nicotine patch was $30 for 14 days worth. So, if all goes as planned it should only cost me about $60 to quit and I’ll be done in February. I started on the lowest dose meds, 7MG, to prevent getting sick like I did another time I tried them. 7MG is WAY more nicotine than one cigarette and since I’d only been having about 10 a day for awhile now, I thought this was sufficient. So far, I’m actually doing okay. I had a piece of gum around 3:00PM when it felt like I needed to go and have a smoke. And, I have a cigarette here that I can carry with me if I feel the need to have the physical action without actually smoking it. So, wish me luck!

(I told my son I had quit doing something today that he didn’t like; he guessed smoking right away. Then asked me how and told me this patch was much better for my lungs. I guess he really, really didn’t want me to smoke!)

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  1. Leslie said

    Good Luck Jess!

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