"Man Cave"

While not listed on Wikpedia, man cave is definitely a phrase used in our home quite often. This summer, when the temperatures in our non-air conditioned home reached degrees my husband couldn’t sleep in, he started “building” his man cave. It now contains broken furniture, a nightstand with television, dvd player and radio and a rug our dogs destroyed a few months ago. Despite it’s apparent discomforts, this is where my husband often relaxes. After work, he sits there to watch a movie and have a few beers. Our dogs often accompany him on his visits to the man cave; frequently falling asleep contentedly on his lap while he gently strokes their ears.

Today, I decided the man cave was in desperate need of refreshing. So, I vacuumed the yucky rug of it’s mounds of shed dog hair, fabreezed the furniture and sleeping bag, picked up any garbage lying around and discarded the empty beer cans and bottles to the recycling bin. When my husband got home and I told him I had cleaned up his man cave he seemed slightly shocked. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with his little corner of our basement…so I guess next time maybe I should reconsider touching the man cave. Perhaps a little dirt is what a guy needs to relax. Or perhaps it’s just not cool to have your wife give it a straigtening up.

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  1. Leslie said

    Guess you just might have to leave the caveman’s mancave to himself and let him clean it when he feels the need. =)

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