Damn Duplex

So, our tenant came over tonight as I was getting ready to leave for my daughter’s winter concert. It’s highly unusual for her to stop by, she doesn’t even give us the rent check in person. First, she asked for my husband, but he was at work so I told her to come in and we could talk for a few minutes.

Well, it appears she’s lost her job due to downsizing. Definitely not her fault, but puts in her a tough financial situation and us in a really tough landlord position. She’s been here 7 years; since before we ever owned this property and other than her loud barking dog (which we have two ourselves) she’s been a great tenant. She’s looking all over the state for work to not limit her options and now we need to decide how and what ways we can help her without losing any money ourselves.

With everything already on our plates financially, this is a HUGE blow. If she moves we may consider turning the place into a single family home if we can get the financing. If not…let’s hope for a good tenant.

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