Christmas Lights

I’ve always had an extreme fondness for Christmas. I like the tree, the ornaments, the wrapped presents…basically, I enjoy Christmas. People even appear friendlier toward their fellow human beings and most often less wrapped up in their own personal woes/happiness.

Well, Christmas lights are always something I’ve enjoyed as well. I don’t know what my reaction to them as a child was, but now that I see my children’s reactions, I have to wonder if I was that in awe of them at the same age. Each time we leave the house at night the kids point out any house that has the slightest bit of Christmas cheer. They get so excited by lit up reindeer, snowmen and Santa’s. They love the “rainbow” lights, and the white lights. The like the Christmas trees which have been decorated outside. In short, they also have a love for Christmas that goes beyond anything I’ve felt in years.

It’s a pure delight to see, experience and be a part of their excitement, wonder and awe of something so simple as Christmas lights decorating houses along our path. I hope that they’ll be able to share these kind of moments with their own children at some point in the future too.

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