I Have Not Been Real Charming

I will tell you one thing that does not mix well on a Tuesday evening — my bad mood and my kids. I swear I didn’t have the patience of even a pissed off yellow jacket tonight. Not only was I irritated with me, but I’m pretty sure by the attitude I got back that they weren’t really feeling any love for me either. I’m hoping the stories I tried to read with enthusiam before bed at least partially made up for my pissy attitude tonight. I feel bad when I’m cranky and they have to put up with me, as bad as I feel for me when I have to put up with their crankiness. My goal for tomorrow is to try and be a little less impatient/crabby/bitchy and a lot more fun mommy! The other problem I face tomorrow, cleaning. I swear that should really be considered a nasty 4 letter word, but since it has 8 letters… I am so very, very behind and I’ll have company in the afternoon. Better get my act together and get back to the ‘happy homemaker’ attitude quick while the kids are at school and I have some time to do things uninterrupted.

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