Trying to Keep Busy

Admittedly so, this weekend was not one of my finest. I was well beyond any low that could be considered in the least bit normal. If not for the kindness, caring and love of people in my life, I could be in a hospital, or quite possibly even a morgue right now and they will never know the extent of my gratitude for their assistance.

I am attempting to keep myself occupied in ways that at least stop me from thinking, or analyzing, things which can’t be solved at the current moment. I have at least six more days to muddle through before he even comes home so that we can start trying to get things back on track.

Tonight I’m uploading all the avatars, blinkies and misc. images that are sitting on my harddrive to my Flickr account. Now, this isn’t necessarily a productive use of time given the number of dishes I did not have the energy to wash today, but it is at least giving me something quiet to do now that the kids are in bed. I’m planning to dump all the images off the computer and leave them hosted on Flickr. I can still access them, and it will give me more room for other things. I also have every other single picture on this computer to move. I’ve already lost pictures by losing a harddrive, I’d like to prevent that if possible. Considering the amount of problems this computer has given us…I think it’s a good bed that within the next year, I could lose plenty more.

So, in case you’ve read this and were wondering…I’m still here. I am in a better state of mind than I was about 24 hours ago, but people are watching me, very closely, and I have a plether of numbers I can dial if I feel the need at any time day or night.

And as a final note, if anyone ever tries to tell me that you can’t make a friend online who will stick with you through thick and thin and be there for you the best way they can, I’ll tell them they are full of it. I’m surrounded by some of the greatest people I’ve never gotten to meet.

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  1. Leslie said

    I’m so glad that today was a better day. I’m thinking about you. (((HUGS)))

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