I’m Getting Goodies!

I had a PartyLite party this weekend, which was an absolute blast, and I earned some free and reduced price items from it! If you are into PartyLite, or just candles, you know what I mean when I say, “You can’t get everything you want!”. I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff and I have to recommend that if you get the opportunity, check out the Iced Snowberry candle they have…so delicious smelling even when it’s not lit!

Here’s my stash: Iced Crystal Votive Trio, Chrome Snuffer, 1 dozen Iced Snowberry Tealights, Naturally Modern Votive Trio, Aroma Melts/Tealight Sampler, Hollywood Glamour Aroma Melts Warmer and I picked up an Infinite Reflections for my mom that she was in love with. I ended up being able to get it for just $19.95 when retail was far beyond that. She was SO excited when I told her!

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