Not Feeling Very Leisurely

So, the title of my blog Lady of ‘Leisure’ came from a co-worker who commented that with me leaving my job I was now a true lady of leisure.

I’m finding that being home with both kids this time around is anything but leisurely. Between school pick up and drop off (which will be double next week), bath times, meal times, husband time, play time, errands, cleaning, cooking… Well, you get the hint, I’m sure. I certainly feel like I’m busier than I ever was while I worked just part time. My husband and I have discovered that suddenly even our weekends are no longer free as we accept and make invitations with friends for various activities. So, I guess the joys of leisure are not to be mine.

I guess I could say that in many ways I’m enjoying my ‘early retirement’. I’m finding the freedom to get certain activities done ‘at my leisure’ is refreshing. I also don’t mind not having to punch the clock, dress professionally and miss out on what the kids are doing each day. And it seems that behaviour has improved radically with both the activity of the school day and the 24/7 availability of mommy!

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