I know people hate Walmart…

But they are so much cheaper! I ran out and did some light grocery shopping at Copps today. Copps is a regional grocery chain (in fact, I worked there for a few months after high school) and they had some “deals” in the Saturday paper so I thought I’d just pick up a few things on sale and grab a few other things we needed. Normally, I do all my shopping at Walmart. For one thing, they have anything we need in one place and for two, on a budget they are the cheapest place we have here in town. So, I bought about 30 things, most of them were part of the 10 for $10 sale. I got ripped off! Those few things I bought, which at Walmart, probably wouldn’t have been more than about $35 were $42 on sale, and almost $60 regular price! I’ll just say, “I LOVE WALMART!”

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