My Favorite Book

When I was about 15 I started reading Gone With the Wind for the first time. It’s a long and sometimes tedious 1,024 pages in paperback. The first time I read it, I only caught the barest of the storyline. I read it again roughly a year later, and then again and again…until finally I’ve reached a grand total of roughly 15-20 reads. Margaret Mitchell develops her story and Scarlett’s character very slowly. In fact, I believe the greatest love story ever only turns into a marriage between Rhett and Scarlett in the last 200-250 pages of the book.

Obviously, since it’s my favorite book, I recommend you read it, cover to cover, at least twice. There are so many details that even after reading it as many times as I have, I still pick up something new each time. And, if you like Gone With the Wind, you may want to consider the 1992 sequel Scarlett, written by Alexandra Ripley. While I didn’t find the sequel nearly as intriguing I hve read it a few times. And yes, in the end, Scarlett and Rhett do live happily ever after.

(And if reading isn’t your thing…they made a movie version of Gone With the Wind in 1939 starring Vivien Leigh, Clark Cable, Olivia de Havilland and Leslie Howard.)

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