Yard Work

I worked on the yard all day long… I’m tired and so very, very sore. The biggest pain I’m having being my right wrist and hand. I can just feel it throbbing and both my hands are swollen. That’s what I get for trying to tame 30 year old shrubbery that hasn’t been maintained at all by any prior owner. And, of course, for trying to dig up the bricks and stepping stones buried in the yard. For raking and removing all the mess I made. You get the point. I’m wondering if I should try and dig up some IcyHot before bed to try and make this hand feel better. I could have serious problems at work tomorrow if I’m in this much pain still. The sad thing is that you can barely tell I did anything out there. Other than the fact that our walkway isn’t overgrown with weeds and we can drive the Jeep past the shrubs without scraping them, it all still looks like crap.

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