I Often Wonder…

What it is about me and my son that makes us butt heads so much? Are we so similar in our personalities that we are constantly fighting to be right/first/heard? I would give him anything within my means and I still feel like I’ll always hit that brick wall face first.

Like, take bedtime. I just went up there, at 10:45PM to put him to bed. Honestly, I do believe that’s quite late for a 6 year old. But, I let the kids have a little ‘sleepover’ in his room. She’s been out for at least an hour. So, I tell him it’s now time to stop watching movies and go to bed. He’s been outside ALL day, he’s been up since 7AM and he still doesn’t want to go to bed anymore than he did at 8PM. So, of course I get the 2 year old tantrum. Same one I got when she wanted to go outside and he didn’t, when she got to go meet her teacher and he couldn’t come along. What the heck? Honestly, a kid does not need to get his own way 100% of the time and I just don’t seem to get through to him on this.

There are other moments of course when he’s the most well-mannered and thoughtful little guy a mom could possibly ask for. Or when he’s just having a great day and plays and does things without argument. But the tantrums, when he has them, even the small ones are just so difficult. I ask him what’s wrong, I try so hard to get him to just talk to me and I fail every time. Why?

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